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At de Vere Primary school, our vision is to make each child a reader, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. Reading skills will be developed by ensuring all children have excellent phonic knowledge and skills. Children will build fluency and accuracy in reading across various contexts through our curriculum. We encourage children to develop an extensive and rich vocabulary by choosing high-quality texts to read not only as a class book but as a book linked to English lessons. We create a motivation to read for both pleasure and study by giving children opportunities to choose books they love and find genres they enjoy. 

We aim for our parents to support reading at home by providing you with vital information about reading. Do you know how many words your child would have heard by the time they were five years old based on how often they are read to? 

Never read to, 4,662 words 
1–2 times per week, 63,570 words 
3–5 times per week, 169,520 words 
daily, 296,660 words 
five books a day, 1,483,300 words 

Therefore, the more we prioritise reading at home and in school, the more we can ensure all pupils at de Vere Primary School will become lifelong learners who are excellent communications and know more and remember more. 

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