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The attached documents give a flavour of our curriculum intent for the foundation subjects.  We group these subjects in 4 areas to encourage children to: think logically, develop a cultural appreciation, understand about people and places and to have a healthy mind and body.  We want children to be active and creative in their learning, being able to communicate their learning well. We want them to know more and remember more across all areas of the curriculum.

Curriculum overview 

Class R

Curriculum overview 

Class 1

Curriculum Overview 

Class 2

Curriculum Overview
Class 3

Curriculum Overview

Class 4

Curriculum Overview

Class 5

Curriculum Overview

Class 6


Our English Curriculum follows The Jonathan Bond Toolkit and writing is delivered using The Write Stuff approach.

Click to see our Writing Intent

In Key Stage 2, Accelerated Reader is  used to promote a love of reading, allowing the children to make personalised progress.  This builds upon the strong foundations of phonics knowledge from EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Click to see our Reading Intent


Our Phonics scheme which starts in Year R is Phonic Shed.  The children continue reading using books closely matched to their reading ability until assessment shows them ready to access the Star Literacy test from Accelerated Reader.

For help with understanding Phonics and how Phonics is taught in school please click here for our Phonics Parents' Workshop.

For help with understanding how Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are taught in school, click here for our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar parents' workshop.



Mathematics is taught 5 times a week, usually daily with other short sessions timetabled in to support memory and retention in key aspects such as multiplication or addition and subtraction.  The school follows the White Rose Maths scheme of work, and embeds the learning with frequent memory training where prior learning is revisited to ensure the knowledge is retained.

Click to see our Mathematics Curriculum


Year 4 Multiplication Check Information here


Science is taught all year. It is planned that children will deepen their understanding of scientific concepts by revisiting topics across the year.  Each lesson should focus on a scientific enquiry skill, with links made to science in the real world.

These websites could be useful resources to support science learning:

BBC Bitesize

The National Academy KS1

The National Academy KS2

BBC Programmes Primary

BBC Earth

For more information about the curriculum please contact the School Office.


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