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Year 2- Elton John Class

Class 2 Curriculum Autumn 2

Welcome to  Elton Class! 

My name is Mrs Marsh and I work with Mrs Sears who is the best LSA that there is! Mrs Westrop teaches in Elton Class on a Monday.

Year 2 marks the last year of KS1 and it is very exciting and busy year. The children learn lots and take part in many exciting opportunities linked to our topics;

Autumn 1 Famous Queens (Hedingham Castle)

Autumn 2 Our Capital City – London (Build the Tower of London experience at school)

Spring 1 Hot and Cold Places (Zoo Experience at school)

Spring 2 The Great Fire of London (National Archives Office - virtual experience)

Summer 1 Space Explorers (visit to Cambridge Science Center)

Summer 2 Beside the Seaside

We have our Forest School sessions on a Monday and PE lesson on a Friday.

I am always available for a chat. Please contact me via email: s.marsh@devere.essex.sch.uk or telephone via the office.


1st December 2023

As Christmas is fast approaching, Elton Class are continuing to rehearse for their Christmas Production of “Aliens at Christmas”.

In Maths, Elton Class have been working hard on their addition and subtraction skills. Specifically, they have been learning how to add and subtract two two-digit numbers while exchanging tens and ones. It's been amazing to see their progress and the confidence they have gained in this area.

In English, our focus has been on developing the features of a recount. We have explored different contexts, from recounting our village walk to significant places in Castle Hedingham, to learning interesting facts about these locations. Additionally, in Geography, we have continued our exploration of London and its famous landmarks. The children have been using compass point directions and map skills to give directions from one landmark to another, further enhancing their understanding of the city.

In Religious Education, we are currently delving into the story of the Holy Family and the Christmas narrative. It is important for you to be aware of your child’s role in the upcoming Christmas production and the costume they will require.

3rd November 2023

Elton Class have made a fantastic start to the half term. We concluded last half term we our final arts lessons where the children have been fully immersed in creativity. Inspired by the renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy, they have crafted magnificent sculptures that explore lines, shapes, and colors. Their attention to detail and artistic expression is truly commendable. Furthermore, during our Art Attack afternoon, the children collaborated to create a stunning collage of Queen Victoria. Their dedication and teamwork were impressive.

In English, we have been focusing on enhancing our language skills. The children have been utilising their knowledge of nouns, verbs, and adjectives to write heartfelt poems about how they can contribute to making the world a happier place. Their creativity and thoughtfulness have been inspiring.

Together we have recently decided on our upcoming Christmas Production. The children are eagerly looking forward to sharing the details with you shortly. We have no doubt that their hard work and enthusiasm will result in a memorable and enjoyable performance for all.

13th October 2023

Elton class have had a great fortnight. In English we have been learning about the poet Joseph Coelho and his book 'If All the World Were'. We have been learning how to include statements, commands and questions in poems to engage the reader. In addition, we are learning how we can carefully use adjectives and nouns to help the reader form an image in their mind. 

In Maths, we have begun our unit on addition and subtraction. We have been using Rekenreks to help with bridging through 10.

In Art, we have learned about the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Whilst at Forest School, we collected leaves, acorns, conkers, bark, and other natural resources to use in our own sculpture. We have explored line, colour and shape. We are excited to utilise our skills in our Art Attack next week! 

29th September 2023

We are excited to share with you the fantastic learning experiences that have taken place over the fortnight. In English, our talented young writers have delved into the world of fairy tales by crafting their own sequels to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children worked hard to ensure that their sentences began in different ways. The creativity and imagination demonstrated in the task was impressive.

In Maths, the children have successfully completed their unit on place value. They have displayed excellent skills and understanding, as reflected in their scores on the end-of-unit assessment. They are now applying this knowledge to investigations and real-world problems.

Continuing our learning about famous queens, our class has been comparing life during different periods. They have demonstrated their knowledge by creating 'Queen Quizzes' and have tested Mrs. White's knowledge of the monarchy! 

In Religious Education, Elton class had an exciting time creating Christingles. I wonder if the children can recall the significance of the component parts?

15th September 2023

What a start to Elton Class! The children have settled in beautifully showing us their positive learning attitudes and their kind and caring traits. 

Our topic this half term is Famous Queens. I wonder if your child can tell you which famous queens we are focusing on? I'll give you a clue, one reigned in the Tudor period, the other in the Victorian period and the last in the Millennial period. 

In English, we are reading Lauren Child's version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have explored positive and negative adjectives that we can use to describe Goldilocks, using the conjunction because accurately and starting sentences with a variety of time phrases. The children have used the skills to rewrite the story.  Many of them were impressive reads. 

The children have really wowed us with their substantial place value knowledge. They have become experts in partitioning numbers to 100 in a variety of ways. Our next step is having a go at using our knowledge in mathematical investigations. We will let you know how we get on next time. 

2022-23 Class Blog

20th July 2023

What a year! Myself, Mrs Sears and Miss Smith are exceptionally proud of all that the children have achieved; not just academically but as mature, social, kind and caring children who are ready to step-up and be key stage 2 role models.

In Elton class, we have rounded off the year with learning about the Owl and the Pussy Cat poem by Edward Lear. The children have learned to read the poem by heart and used it to demonstrate many of the spelling and grammatical features that they have learnt throughout the year.

We have been a little bit cheeky with Maths and had a sneak peak at adding and subtracting in the year 3 curriculum. Mrs Norris is going to be so impressed that the children already know the column method when exchanging tens and ones.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed developing their artistic skills with line, shape and colour and a variety of media to showcase their drawing skills. An exciting Design Technology project has led to the children learning about food groups and how these contribute to a balanced diet. Then they evaluated sandwich fillers and designed their own healthy sandwich. Finally, the children built upon their year 1 cutting skills to make their own healthy sandwich that they ate on a picnic.

Elton class completed their reward board and had voted to celebrate with a water fight! Luckily it was a warm day and the children had the best time! Mrs Sears was soaked through!

We hope that you enjoy sharing your child’s books and seeing the impressive journey that they have been on during year 2. We wish all the children and their families a wonderful summer break. We know they are ready for year 3.

25th May 2023

Elton Class have been working hard over the past few weeks, completing their SATS exams with great success. We are incredibly proud of their efforts and positive attitudes.

In addition to their outstanding performance in the SATS exams, the students have also been busy with their Design Technology project. The children have been learning about wheels and axles, and their task was to design and make a moon buggy that had wheels, an axle, chassis, and body. The children have demonstrated excellent engineering skills and teamwork, and we are thrilled with the fantastic results.

To conclude our learning about Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing, we had a fantastic Space Day. The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed a range of activities related to space exploration. We would like to extend our thanks to Mike Culley for providing our students with such a great learning opportunity.

As we approach the half-term break, we would like to wish all the children and families a well-deserved rest. We look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready for the final term in Elton Class.

12th May 2023

Welcome to the Elton Class newsletter! The class have been busy with lots of exciting activities throughout this fortnight. In English, we’ve had great fun writing stories based on Mini Grey's Toys in Space book where children have shown increasing confidence when working with time adverbials, expanded noun phrases and commas used for listing - clearly some future authors among us! Maths lessons are focused around learning fractions; particularly looking at equivalence between two quarters and one half. Our foundation subject work has seen a focus on Neil Armstrong’s moon landing which is leading up to our very own 'Space Day' event that will be taking place soon – watch out for more information about this coming your way over the next couple weeks!

28th April 2023

Elton Class have started the Summer Term with a ‘flying start’. We have begun our Topic on ‘Space Explorers’ and the children are super motivated to learn. So far, we have learnt what an Explorer is, what makes a ‘significant’ Explorer and learned the chronology of Neil Armstrong’s life.

To reinforce our topic learning, our English text is ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. The children have been applying their grammar teaching to write in the progressive past tense, in role as the toys. I think Elton class may have some future authors.

In computing the children are learning about digital photography. There are some very funny pictures of the tablet as the children are learning new skills.

In Science, the learning is focussed around Livings Things. The children had great, outside fun finding things that are alive, never alive and dead. Why don’t you ask your child what they found.

31st March 2023

Elton Class have had a great end to the Spring Term. We rounded off our learning about the Great Fire of London with writing in role as Samuel Pepys. I was impressed with the historical knowledge that the children had gained throughout the topic and their ability to apply this when writing as a character.

In Maths, we have been applying our calculation skills with mass, capacity and measure. It has given us a great opportunity to apply our learning to real-life contexts.

The children experienced a Passover meal to conclude their learning about Jewism. The Seder plate has 5 or 6 items that symbolize a different part of the Passover Story.

We wish all the children and families of Elton Class a restful and relaxing Easter break.

17th March 2023

Elton class have had another busy fortnight. In English, the children have been writing non-chronological reports about the Great Fire of London. We are going to create a mini-museum in the library so the rest of the school can learn from us. You are also welcome to come and have a look next week!

In Maths, we have moved on to measures. We have been measuring in centimetres and metres, learning what is the appropriate unit of measure based on the size and using comparative language.

Science week has been so much fun! We loved receiving our special message from Obama Class and figuring out how to send the message on to Lee Class. We sent the message via aeroplanes. Check out our newly discovered folding skills! We learnt about a famous scientist called Jack Horner, who is a palaeontologist. We made dioramas to represent some of his findings and included our science knowledge about habitats and animals and their young.

3rd March 2023

In Elton class we have started the new half term with very positive learning behaviours. The grown-ups are very impressed.

Our new topic is The Great Fire of London. Our learning in History, English and Music has been focused on this. So far, we have learnt when The Great Fire of London happened, how we know so much about, the events that occurred within the fire and why the fire was able to spread so quickly. The children have been using all of their history skills to find out all they can. In English we have used statements, questions, commands and exclamations to write about London in both the past and present tense.

In PSHE, we are learning about Bullying. We know that bullying is being hurtful to someone repeatedly over time. In addition, we know that there are 4 types of bullying; verbal, physical, indirect and online. Importantly we learnt how to give a 3-point apology to help put right our wrong choices. We know that this helps the other person to feel better and also helps us to feel better about the wrong choice we have made.

Our learning about myHappyMind has helped us in so many areas of our school. We know that there are 3 parts of our brain, the Hippocampus, Amygdala and Pre-frontal Cortex. Why don’t you ask your child what these parts of the brain are responsible for? I am sure they will be able to tell you. We also know how neuroplasticity in our brain supports us with our learning. If we keep trying, the neural pathways become stronger and stronger.

10th February 2023

Elton class have had a great fortnight at school. In Art we have been learning how to weave. We began with weaving paper but quickly progressed to weaving with wool. We also learnt how to fray and plait!

In English our learning has centred our Emily Gravett’s book, Meerkat Mail.  We have been so engaged with our writing in character as Sunny the Meerkat. We know that when writing a diary, we need to write in the first person, in the past tense, include adjectives and words to show feelings.

We were also lucky enough to have a meerkat called Betty visit us at school. James the zoo keeper brought a hamster, guinea pig, giant rabbit, snake, tarantula, bull frog and bearded dragon too. Our teachers were so impressed with our courage as most of held all of the animals. It certainly was a day to remember.

27th January 2023

We are learning about so many exciting things! In English, we have written poetry about our favourite colours. In our poems we included some adventurous vocabulary that we have been collecting.

In music we are learning to play the glockenspiel. It is the highlight of our week. We hope to be able to perform to you once we have perfected our skills.

In Geography we are continuing our learning about Hot and Cold Places. We have learnt about people, plants and animals in the Arctic and Antarctica. Did you know that humans do not live in Antarctica?

In Maths we have come to the end of our learning about money. We have learned so many new skills, including how to calculate the change. We will be able to check this in the shops now.

13th January 2023

Happy New Year to you all!

In Class 2 we finished off 2022 with amazing learning in design technology. We used all of evaluating, designing and making skills to create a bridge to withstand the weight of a Billy Goat and a chair for Olaf to be able to sit on.

In computing we have learnt that we use technology for 5 main reasons. Ask you child and see if they can remember what they are.

We have started 2023 with learning about money in Maths. We are now able to use different coins and notes to pay for an item.

In English, our learning is focussed around ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The children have used their persuasive skills to write a letter to the crayons to ask them to come back.

Our topic this half term is Hot and Cold Places. So far, we have learned that there are 7 continents in the world and 5 main oceans.  I warn you that the songs that we use to help us learn are very catchy!

9th December 2022

It’s nearly Christmas! We have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Production of ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ and we cannot wait to share it with you.

In Maths, we have mastered addition and subtraction even when we need to exchange tens and ones. This had taken our all our growth mindset tools but we got there in the end.

In English, we are studying ‘Mog’s Christmas’, so far, our learning has focused around vocabulary and how we can use words carefully to make puns.

In the Foundation Subjects, we are learning about freestanding structures in DT. We are going to make a design, make and evaluate a throne for the King. We are becoming computer ‘whizzes’ through our digital literacy skills and can edit texts with ease.

25th November 2022

Wow! What a fortnight Elton Class have had. In Maths, we have continued our learning on addition and subtraction but we have now learnt to add and subtract 2 two-digit numbers even when we need to exchange tens and ones. This was a really tricky skill to learn but we have had a growth mindset and we have now cracked it.

In English, we have nearly finished applying all the skills we have learnt about statements, commands, questions and exclamations to write our guidebooks. I am so impressed with the outcome that I am going to see if St. Nicholas church would like to have them to share with their visitors.

The children have particularly enjoyed their recent PE lessons where they are developing their gymnastic skills. The are able to use the equipment safely and use appropriate techniques.

We are continuing to rehearse for our production of Lights, Camel, Action and our acting skills are developing well. We are looking forward to performing to you.

11th November 2022

Elton class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about London in Geography. They know about lots of London landmarks including; Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Shard and Monument to name a few. They have also learnt how to give compass point directions to get from one landmark to another.

We have been reading the book ‘A Walk in London’ by Salvatore Rubbino. The book is a mix of a recount and an information book. Elton class are going to create their own guide books titled ‘A Walk in Castle Hedingham’, so far we have written the recount. I was super impressed with the variety of time adverbials that the children were able to use.

In Maths, we continue our learning on addition and subtraction, where we are learning to add and subtract 2 two-digit numbers.

7th October 2022

We’ve had a fabulous couple of weeks. We visited the church and learnt some really interesting facts. Did you know that once a robber was nailed to the church door!

In Maths, we have completed our unit on place value and scored really well in our end of unit tests. The children were able to apply this knowledge in an investigation. It was a fun lesson. We are now learning about addition and subtraction.

In RE, the children have been exploring the question of “Why is light important to Christians, Hindus and Jews?” The children have been able to think deeply about this and back up their answers with some facts about religion.

In English, we are learning about a new story, it is called “If all the world were” by Joseph Coelho. We have learnt how to write statements, commands and questions. We are also working hard to use the terms ‘verb’ and ‘noun’.

The children continue to love their sessions in the forest. Last week they learnt how to use tools.

September 23rd 2022

What an excellent start to year 2 Elton Class has had! I am so impressed with their ability to be independent! I am also super impressed with their writing! In English, we have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have written a new version of the story from the point of view of Goldilocks. When we write the word ‘I’ we must remember to use a capital letter.

We have started the year with our topic ‘Castle Hedingham Old and New’. We have been using our history detective skills to see how the buildings in the village have changed over time. Tomorrow, we are visiting Mr. Bird at St. Nicholas church to learn what has stayed the same at the church and what has changed. We will let you know what we find out in the next newsletter.

In Maths, we a working with numbers to 100! We know how to order them, partition them in tens and ones, partition them in a variety of ways and write number sentences to represent our partitioning.

Some other notable things the children have loved are their ‘Forest School’ sessions and P.E. with Reece. Monday and Friday are great days of the week!


In class 2 we LOVE reading. We read all day, every day. Reading is all around us. We read for enjoyment, we read to find out information, we read to know how to play games, we read to find out about new words, we read because it lets our imagination run wild, we read because it helps us to understand the world, we read because it is relaxing. The list is endless!

By Year 2, we know most of the sounds that letters make. The skill children need to practise the most is reading! The biggest impact you can have is to read with your child as regularly as possible. The expectation is you read with your child at least 4 times per week and record this in your children learning log.

Children will have a reading book that is carefully matched to their phonic reading ability and also have a library book. The children can change their books whenever they wish to. They simply need to put in the yellow box and pop on a post-it note with their name and an adult will change it for them. The children choose their own library books to ensure they have every opportunity to read for enjoyment.

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