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Head of School:

Mrs White  


Mrs Eaves

David Attenborough Class - Year 5
Mrs Hutchings

Wilma Rudolph Class - Year 4


Miss Wong

Greta Thunburg Class - Year 6

Mrs Norris

Mrs Westrop

Hans Christian Andersen Class - Year 3

Mrs Marsh
(Assistant Head of School)

Elton John Class - Year 2

Miss Tsoi

Michelle Obama Class - Year 1

Miss Hutchings

Stevie Wonder Class - Reception

Mrs Gurbutt


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Michele Blake

  Mrs Erica Donaghy  
  Mrs Nicola Minnette  
  Mrs Lucy Sears  
  Mrs Samantha Champion   
  Mrs Jennifer Ribbits  
  Mr Christopher Mooney  
  Mrs Lauren Patterson  
  Mrs Avril De'ath  
  Mrs Amy Campbell  
  Mrs Rachel Johnson  
  Mrs Julie Swanwick  
  Miss Katherine Inkley  
  Miss Carly Smith  
Office Manager: Mrs Brenda Beadle  
Administrative Assistant: Miss Emma Blake  
Catering Manager: Mrs Phillipa Mills  
Catering Assistant: Mr Jamie Ansell  
Lunchtime Supervisors: Miss Katherine Inkley  
  Mrs Lucy Sears
  Mrs Julie Swanwick  
  Mrs Lynsay Thurbon  
  Mrs Kelly Peacock  
  Mr Darryl Carpenter  
Breakfast Club Staff Mrs Minnette  
  Mrs Campbell  
  Mrs Donaghy  

The school has no employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

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